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A well-erected roof protects the house from the weather. But sometimes defects form on the floor. To prevent irreversible destruction of the roof and its components, roof repair will be required. When the damage is minor, you can deal with them yourself. But if the homeowner does not have certain skills or time, it is better to entrust the execution of work to specialists.

Commercial Roofing Services in Morgantown WV

Our company carries out professional repair of the roof of the house. We offer the implementation of partial works, we provide turnkey services for the arrangement of the roof of a country house, cottage, garage, commercial, other construction purpose. All stages are performed by teams of experienced craftsmen in accordance with building codes. Turning to us, be sure - the price for the work is quite affordable. Where do we prefer to start Before starting repair of the old roof, it is necessary to determine the degree of damage. For this, our experts carry out a number of evaluations: Inspect the condition of the truss structure for the presence of processes of destruction, rotting of the wood; Scrupulously assess the condition of the roofing; Pay attention to the state of the junctions to the roof elements. Based on the data received, the homeowner is recommended to carry out ongoing or major, emergency or partial repair of the roof of the house. Ongoing work includes the planned restoration of existing coverage in specific areas, the replacement area of ​​which is not more than 40%. When the replacement area with a new coating exceeds this value, leaks are observed after rainfall, the implementation of major repairs is rational. Emergency intervention is required if immediate repair of breakdowns, leaks, etc. is required.